Mumbai: Popular TV actress Rakshanda Khan shares her special plans for Eid. The 'Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na' actress loves to celebrate the festival and as a child she used to look forward to the yummy delicacies that they used to eat as well as the Eidi they used to receive.

As Rakshanda mentions: "My earliest childhood memories of Eid are of receiving shiny coins and crisp new notes as Eidi at every house we visited, followed by the crazy candy binges we used to have with the money the very next day."

"Now that I've grown up, I no longer receive the crisp notes, but I am the one handing them out. But now, my daughter, Enaya, wakes up every Eid morning and looks for the most important accessory - her purse to store all her share of Eidi now," she adds.

Rakshanda also adds how Eid has always been a family affair for her and this year will be no different. As she adds: "Eid is always about just family. The only places I visit are family homes. It's always about countless bowls of sheer khurma and early morning wafts of biryani. I come from a family of exceptional cooks, so the Eid experience is all about food coma."

"However, Eid this year won't be a major celebration, despite it being the first one post-pandemic, because I just lost my Nani. So, no big Eid plans. However, with my Nani always telling us to celebrate life and enjoy our family gatherings, I have planned to take my entire family out for lunch in her honour," she concludes.