NEW DELHI: Guests - Zareen Khan and Umar Riaz enter the jail and offer the housemates 'Sheer Khurma'. Zareen and Umar ask the housemates to make the female contestants laugh on their jokes. 

Shivam cracks a few joke leaving Saisha laughing. Munawar tries to make Payal Rohatgi laught but fails. Prince also succeeds in making Poonam laugh. 

The guest - Umar and Zareen also show the hookstep with the housemates. 

Kangana asks Umar and Zareen to name their favourite contestant on the show. Both of them name Munawar as their favourite saying he has the qualities of a winner.

Kangana announces that among the chargesheeted contestants - (Payal, Azma and Saisha), Azma has managed to get the maximum votes and is thus saved. Kangana says that Azma has also entered the finale week. 

Kangana asks Payal Rohatgi and Saisha Shinde to share their secrets to save themselves. 

Payal reveals that in her first reality show, she was portrayed very negatively. She says that although she got famous, thee was a very wrong perception about her outside. Post that show, she got into drinking and used to consume alcohol heavily. She reveals that she soon turned into an alcoholic and got into drugs. She adds that her parents were divorced and she was very lonely at that time. Payal breaks down revealing that after she even went to rehab and spent time there. She was on prescription drugs and used to even smoke. Payal reveals that she had suicidal thoughts and even slashed her wrist. 

Saisha reveals that it was at the beginning of her career in 2004-2005 and it was her second or third fashion show. She reveals that she had a sexual relationship with a leading Indian fashion designer from the industry, who had a boyfriend in each metro city. Saisha says that it all started when she was invited by him to a hotel to have a chat. Saisha says that the designer narrated a very sad/lonely story about himself and the two ended up having sex. 

Saisha adds that she later got to know that the designer had actually used at least seven to eight boys in the same way. She says when rumours started doing rounds about the designer, she ended up facing the brunt of it and was banned in the fashion industry. 

Kangana raises the MeToo issue and all the girls and women who raised their voice, have been missing. The 'Queen' says that as she supported some of those women, she was banned in the industry by some of powerful names. 

Kangana finally save Payal and says she enters the finale week for giving her 100 per cent to the show. 

Kangana then asks the bottom two contestants - Anjali and Poonam to join Saisha. She then saves Anjali calling it her 'favourite choice'. 

Anjali reveals a secret about herself saying she had attempted suicide during her school days. She said she once bunked her class 11 tution and visited a hookah cafe with her batchmates. She says that when her brother got to know about it, he reached the cafe and slapped her. She was also scolded and hit by her father when she reached home. She was warned not to step out of her house. 

Anjali says that she consumed phenyl in retaliation. However, she was rushed to a hospital by her brother. She says that when her mother got to know about it, she scolded her brother a lot. Things got changed after that and her brother and father have supported her a lot ever since. 

Kangana then announces a 'keechad' task for housemates. 

Saisha tags Anjali as 'Aasteen Ka Saanp' saying she bitches about Munawar to her and vice-e-versa, and pours 'mud' on her. 

Anjali calls Poonam as 'Akal Ka Dushman'. 

Munawar says Payal Rohatgi as 'Kutte Ki Dum' and 'Naak Me Dum'. Munawar attacks Payal saying she doesn't understand as she never listens and hence she is 'Kutte Ki Dum'. He adds that she was not liked by 18 people in the house. Payal retorts calling her 'ghatiya aadmi' and saying he makes personal remarks on people. 

Prince calls Azma as 'Naak Me Dum' and pours mud on her.  

Shivam calls Payal 'Kutte ki Dum' and pours mud on her. 

Payal names Munawar Faruqui and calls him 'Kutte Ki Dum'. 

Poonam calls Anjali and tags her as 'Aasteen ka Saanp'. 

Azma names Prince as 'Akal Ka Dushman' and pours keechad on him. 

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