NEW DELHI: Shivam Sharma is elated to read the Breaking News - which stated that Karanvir Bohra hosted Shivam Sharma's parents at his house and prepared 'Chaas' for them. 

Jailor Karan Kundrra enters the jail and announces a task for the contestant. The participating contestants are asked to go through several hurdles and finally solve a photo puzzle.  

Munawar choses to play against Payal in the task. He makes sure to distract her by continuously targetting for Shivam in the game. 

Anjali choses to play for Prince Narula in the task. She delivers a good performance as Shivam plays against her in the game. 

Payal gets emotional and breaks down for getting into the chargesheet. Karan says that Payal completed the task in 29 minutes. On the other hand, Anjali completed the task in 24 minutes. 

Karan teases Payal saying if Shivam Sharma didn't target Anjali Arora during the task intentionally. 

Later, after the announcement, Payal questions Shivam's intention to which the latter calls her 'ehsaan faramosh'. 

Payal gets furious hearing this and the two get into a massive argument. Payal said she did a mistake by sending Shivam in the task against Anjali. 

Payal says Shivam has been copying Munawar and ask him to marry Munawar. Shivam in turn retaliates saying Payal herself is a divorcee. Payal abuses her and attacks her for calling her a divorcee.

Anjali is elated winning the task and thanks Prince Narula.

Munawar says he is enjoying the heated conversation between Payal and Shivam. 

Saisha says that how horribly she felt when each and every housemate supported Payal calling her a 'deserving' candidate during a recent task. 


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