New Delhi: Every child shares a special and sacred bond with their mother as she's been the first friend, caretaker, confidant, teacher for many of us. From picking us up from school, cooking delicious meals for us, helping us ace our exams and talking us through a tough day - mothers always stood by us through thick and thin. Mother's Day is a celebration of this love and care, a way to say thank-you for all their sacrifices and effort. It's a way to appreciate the countless times they've pushed us to be better people and improve on ourselves.

It should also be noted that motherly affection can be received from anyone we love and who cares for us deeply. So, this isn't only a day of celebration for those with biological mothers.


This year, India will celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday, May 8. It is celebrated on different dates all across the world but the day commonly falls in the months of March or May.


It holds significance to each one of us as our bond with our mothers is different and unique. Some of us share a healthy and good relationship with our mothers, however, others may have faced a few roadblocks into getting to know their mothers. Whatever it may be, it's special and different for every individual. 


It is believed that Mother's Day originated in America in 1907 when Anna Jarvis held a service of worship at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia in honour of mothers.

She had expressed her wish to commemorate Mother's Day as a recognised holiday in 1905 when her mother Ann Reeves Jarvis passed away. Two years later, the first recorded Mother's Day was celebrated.

In India, Mother's Day holds no particular significance to our culture or religion but has been adopted ubran populations.

Mother's day has been criticised for becoming too commercialised as brands try to lure customers into buying their products in order to celebrate the holiday. However, the spirit of the day remains unfazed and unchanged.