“Spy WhatsApp” And Facebook

Mspy is a stealth mobile spy application designed to monitor almost all types of phones like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry phones, Symbian or Windows Mobile.

Mspy works by storing all text messages, call logs, emails, pictures, videos and even “WhatsApp and Facebook” conversations.
This goal is achieved even when the owner of the phone has deleted all the information from the phone. Mobile.

The application also tracks the phone’s GPS signal and displays its location on a map from a control panel.
You can also access the summary of the route in a specified period of time.

Why choose Mspy?

When you use Mspy, you are receiving the services of an innovative and dynamic company that is committed to offering a world-class service.

Overview of the Functions:

Mspy is a reliable and covert mobile monitoring application that allows you to keep track of the smallest details about cell phone activities.

The application is easy to use and offers a variety of features that have made it the ideal cell phone tracking software.

MSPY Features

You can listen to incoming and outgoing calls by setting a call recorder, track SMS, read e-mails, view images and videos, track the device via GPS, block access to applications and websites , and even lock the device.

The other features of Mspy include allowing you to restrict calls, check contacts and calendar events, instant messaging and reading chat conversations, WhatsApp and Facebook chat browsing history tracking and even Skype.


SPY Call
Apps Using Mspy, you can check all incoming and outgoing calls, including time and duration. You can also configure it to record incoming and outgoing calls from a specific phone number. It is also possible to restrict calls from specific phone numbers.

SPY in SMS and MMS

Mspy gives you the power to read all text and MMS messages sent or received by a cell phone. Even if the user has deleted the messages, they get to the messages for instant viewing.

SPY in emails
Mspy allows you to view all incoming and outgoing emails on a specific mobile device without worrying about the type of application used on the phone.

GPS Tracking Location

Mspy can also be configured to track the GPS location of a cell phone. You can use this feature to determine if your son or daughter is on the spot, he / she promised you to be or to check the location of your sales team.

Check the use of the Internet
Check all the URLs that have been visited in the browser of the mobile phone. Mspy provides you with the browsing history.

Accessing the address book and calendar
Mspy allows you to check all the contacts in the address book of the target cell phone. In addition, you can also stay updated on the events added to the phone’s calendar.

Intercept WhatsApp and Facebook messages

Mspy allows you to record the activities of the phone user of the messaging services of Whatsapp, Facebook and Skype Monitor the history and find out what the user texts to others.

Mspy Environment can also be used as a nagging tool. This feature allows you to learn what is going on around the phone when you are not around.

Application Control
You can use Mspy to control the applications or software that can be accessed on the target phone. This can help you make sure that there are no unwanted activities being done on the phone.

Check Media Files
Mspy allows you to check the images and videos saved on a particular mobile device. This means that every time the user, be it an employee or a child, captures a photo or records a video, which can be immediately viewed on their online account.
Remote Control

As there is a growing trend of Smartphone being lost or stolen, there is an increasing possibility of information theft. Mspy allows you to control a phone remotely, erase all data, and even lock it to ensure that your personal information is mistaken.

MSPY Home Packages start at $ 49 per month. The 3-month subscription costs $ 99, the 6-month subscription costs $ 119 and the 12-month subscription $ 159. Why is Mspy reliable? There are many reasons to trust Mspy. MTechnology LTD. It is a renowned company that offers world-class services to its clients. Mspy has been created to be compatible with almost any mobile phone model. The company cares about the privacy and security of your information, and unlike other applications available on the market, it does not use SMS commands.

This helps reduce overall costs and eliminate the chances that the phone user can detect spies.

Mspy has an experienced and trained support team that can be accessed around the clock, 7 days a week. All that is needed is to send an email, instant phone call or Skype contact with the support team.

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