What is VPN ! How To Protect Your Privacy

Do you think a VPN connection is required for browsing websites? Are you aware of what you can do with a VPN service? You’re at the right spot.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using VPNs and which one is the best VPN for free that works with Windows. Let’s get started now.

Why You Need a VPN

There are many advantages of making use of VPN services. Here are the most important benefits.

  • Enhanced Security

In addition to securing our privacy online in the face of hackers, the government, as well as telephone company’s VPNs, offer a host of additional benefits. When surfing the internet from any place it is recommended to use it isn’t necessary to use a VPN isn’t required. The Virtual Private Network, on the contrary, is preferred when connecting to the public WiFi network. By concealing your IP address and protecting your information from intrusions and hackers, you’ll protect your privacy. Some people use VPN to download newly released movies from websites like Movierulz.

Utilizing VPNs, also known as internet service providers (ISP) customers have access to all their personal data such as passwords, logins, and other personal details. ISPs won’t be in a position to see the user’s logs when they’re using a VPN however, on the other hand. This means that they are able to only see encrypted logs from their VPN server’s perspective.

Anyone monitoring your network can’t observe what you’re doing once your VPN is turned on. This is true regardless of whether the snooper has control of the network. Apart from being accessible and ubiquitous WiFi networks in public places offer a great way for hackers to disseminate their malware. To illustrate, how can you tell if “Starbucks wifi-real” is in fact a coffee shop’s WiFi network? To determine how many devices connect automatically to the network, security researchers create a network that has the same title as the well-known service and sees how many devices connect.

  • When Visiting Overseas, Avoid Censorship

There are VPNs that allow you to overcome geographical restrictions. In the case of certain websites, such as social media platforms, certain governments limit or block access to these sites, or block certain kinds of content that are posted on these platforms. A VPN however, contrary to what you might think, can aid you in gaining access by making your internet traffic appear to originate from a different country. If you’re using a free VPN, it could be able to help you.

Be aware that it’s the responsibility of the user to decide whether or not the practice is legal.

  • Disable Filters and Blockers

Internet censorship is a real phenomenon in some regions of the world which could mean that someone has significantly or insignificantly influenced the opinion of the user as per the report. VPNs, which can bypass the restrictions of websites or Internet filters are becoming more well-known. You’ve got the power therefore, make use of it.

Which VPN Provider Is Better

Consider what speed the provider offers you’re looking at because it is the aspect that you as well as the VPN provider have the most influence on. Think about value, since almost all VPN providers offer a mixture with the exact same technologies as others. Are there ways to gain as much as possible at the lowest cost? Look for other options such as multiple-hop tunnels, split tunneling, and more. Even if you don’t require them constantly they’ll be useful when you need them.

We are pleased to present to you a reliable VPN service called iTop VPN. It provides a VPN that works on Windows, Android as well as iPhone. But why the iTop VPN? Read on.

No Logging Policy

Your ISP typically provides you with the vault key to use VPNs, which record your information, which you provide to the VPN provider. In the end, your information could be at risk and your privacy may be compromised. This is why the iTop VPN has a no-logging policy in place.

Your personal information is not recorded or kept through iTop VPN because of its no-logging policy. It is safer to remain secure online as they ensure that there are no traces of your personal data or websites visited remain.

Kill Switch

The “Kill Switch” is included in iTop VPN like the case with other well-known VPN services. The Kill Switch blocks all communication once it determines there is a possibility that your VPN service has stopped working. While you wait your data could be released to your ISP and various web trackers if they don’t change your connection. This is protected by the use of a circuit breaker. This means that you won’t need to be concerned about losing your actual IP address, or any other personal data since it will be secure.

Unlimited Bandwidth

In the free version of iTop VPN, there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth. Due to this, it gives its customers unlimited bandwidth. If a streamer or gamer uses their service from 6 to seven hours per day it could provide an unbroken VPN experience without interruptions in any way. If all VPNs offered this capability. Even the top VPN providers aren’t able to offer their customers unlimited bandwidth.

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